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The Problem

As our client grew, their IT environment was not structured or equipped to support the business.  

In summary the client problems were as follows.

  • The server was slow resulting in diminished staff productivity.
  • The server crashed frequently meaning valuable data was at risk.
  • The IT environment was not scalable meaning the business growth was limited by the IT environment

The resolution

Logic was engaged to manage the entire IT environment – We:

  • Gained a full understanding of the business today and the future plans of the business.
  • Built a brand new server that would support the business needs for the next 5 years and beyond.
  • Rolled out our ongoing management program to deal with any day to day user queries as well as manage the environment throughout the next 5 years.

Key results

  • Zero unplanned server outages since implementation of the new system]
  • Overall system performance has improved by 72%